//Perception management and the Socialist Democrats

Perception management and the Socialist Democrats

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Submitted article by Gary M. Wisenbaker

That the United States of America, along with her institutions and way of life, is under siege needs no “fact check”.

Since Joe Biden assumed the presidency the assault on America’s southern border exploded with tens of thousands of immigrants storming that border seeking entrance without regard to lawful process.

Such is a direct and proximate result of Biden’s dismantling of the orderly process instituted by President Donald Trump and is nothing short of an invasion. And the horrifying pictures of children in cages wrapped in aluminum blankets at the border tells one all they need to know about the failure of Biden’s policy.

Yet the Administration and its minions insist there is no “disaster”. Their approach is not to stop the hemorrhaging but rather accommodate the illegals by bussing them to America’s cities and putting them up in hotels. The denial is not fact based.

Another of the Biden hallmarks within the first 100 days of his installation is the attack on American culture and history. This “counterculture” works through the all too familiar paradigm of “racism”: America is a racist nation. You must ignore, of course, that it elected a black American as president not once but twice.

History books need to be rewritten, schools renamed, statues and murals removed. More than that, all public education must subscribe to the tenets of the New York Times “1619 Project” which recasts America’s establishment solely as a means of securing and engrossing slavery. A clear fiction.

But the Socialist Democrats find themselves in a glass house as Senators Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) and Mazie Hirono (D-HI) have proudly announced that they will vote for nominees only if they are of a racial minority or are LGBTQ. Whites need not apply, especially white males. This is heterophobic. This is racist.

These fine Socialist Democratic senators have yet to be rebuked by their party, the party of equality and fairness. And this is alarming.

More so alarming, however, is the assault the Socialist Democrats have lodged against the very fiber of federalism, the cornerstone of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The seek to add new states to ensue a permanent Socialist Democrat majority in the United States Senate. And should the Supreme Court not rule as they wish, as they have so dutifully done under threats from the Socialist Democrat Leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on election issues, SCOTUS may well see additional justices that will make that correction.

Worse, they seek to nationalize the election process with federal regulations with HR 1, stripping the states of their constitution right to set and manage their own electoral processes and rules. Their pretext is that the current constitutional process among the states codifies their “racist” proclivities. This is also fiction.

Of late, however, the Socialist Democrats, social media, and mainstream media, have found an opportunity to create a narrative void of fact to push this agenda: the Georgia Election Reform Act or (state) Senate Bill 202.

They quickly labeled it “racist” and the return of “Jim Crow”. Doing this, you see, manipulates minorities in a vulgar and reprehensible way to get on board. Georgia must be punished, they say by, among other things, moving the MLB playoffs and the Masters Tournament out of state.

Somehow it “suppresses” minority voting rights. But Biden’s assertion, as well as others, that it amounts to “Jim Crow on steroids” was strongly rebuffed by not only the Washington Post (WAPO gave him four “Pinocchios”) but the Wall Street Journal as well.

Claiming that it closes election day voting at 5pm is a flat out lie, for example. What it did no, among other things, is made ballot drop boxes permanent (prior to 2020 ballot drop boxes were illegal), expanded early in-person voting, and retained “no-excuse” absent voting. The attacks on this law are based on fake facts. But the hue and cry of the falsehood was enough to bully Coca Cola and Delta to join in.

“Perception management” is what’s at work here, from the southern border to allegations that America is racist to the Georgia election laws. The Socialist Democrats and their associated cabal practicing this technique don’t need facts because they make them up, they create the facts they need to promote a false narrative and sell it as truth.

This is far more than “spin doctoring”. Where PM makes that fake fact (fake news?) pervasive enough, no one digs behind it anymore and it remains unchallenged and unassailable.

This, writes David Baldacci, is “precisely what makes it so dangerous.”

But the Socialist Democrats, et al, will stop at nothing to turn this great nation into a waste land. And that is despicable.


Gary Wisenbaker (gary@realtyadvisorsga.com) is a REALTOR® at RealLiving Realty Advisors in Valdosta, GA, and is a regular contributor to the Valdosta Daily Times.