//Business Highlight: Southern Hound Club

Business Highlight: Southern Hound Club

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Southern Hound Club (SHC) takes their advanced knowledge of animal behavior and applies it to how they care for your canine in a practical but inexpensive manner.

ValdostaToday.com was recently given the opportunity to discuss “Force Free” dog care methodology with Southern Hound Club’s lead trainer, general manager, and owner. It is abundantly clear that caring for their clients’ pets is their passion.

Every program tailors to the needs of the dog as an individual. The variety of programs they use fit the needs of the dog can be summed up in four simple sections:

  • Dog Training
  • Daily Dog Playcare ($20.00)
  • Bathing ($25.00)
  • Overnight Dog Boarding ($42.00)

With COVID-19 forcing many to work from home, people are seeing their pets exhibit behavioral issues they hadn’t seen before. That makes now the perfect time to utilize Southern Hound Club’s inexpensive Dog Training.

When it comes to training, Southern Hound Club believes, and consistently proves, that a shock collar and prodding fork is not the best way to train a pup. Using a reward based system that wanes dogs off of the need for treats to behave, Southern Hound Club gone above and beyond in delivering better behaving pets.

Apply now on their Facebook, Instagram, or Web Application.

You can also call (229) 241-2046.

Check out their facility in person anytime from 7:30AM-1:30PM and 3:30PM-6:00PM at 11693 Troupville Rd. Valdosta, Georgia.