//Wes Sewell Photography: 12 Years and Counting

Wes Sewell Photography: 12 Years and Counting

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By Sharah Denton

If you have lived in Valdosta for the past twelve years or are a native, Wes Sewell is a name you probably have heard many times. Wes Sewell Photography has been operating in Valdosta for over 12 years.

For Wes, his passion for photography came at a young age when his grandmother gave him his grandfathers 35 mm camera after he passed away. Wes knew then that photography was his gift and passion. Wes earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Valdosta State University. He then went on to working for several businesses and eventually went back to VSU to earn another undergraduate degree in Fine Arts.

“While taking courses and working at the VSU Spectator, someone asked me to photograph their wedding. Well, I must have done an ok job because I did 18 the next year and 32 the next. Wes Sewell Photography was born,” says Wes.

Wes admits that although he is a successful and respected photographer, the business of photography has its share of challenges. “Businesses compete on social media, which underscores the importance of images. People and businesses need great images, and capturing moments is what we do best. We love it when our photos allow our clients to shine on social media,” says Wes.

Nonetheless, Wes stays inspired for his passion of photography from various avenues. During the fall, Wes says he longs to create the picture perfect image for a family that they can use on their mantel for years to come.

“I can just be driving down the road and see a group of old cars and have to stop and take a photo. It is just a photo that I can see in my head,” says Wes.

Wes Sewell Photography has been in business for over twelve years, and he has been named “Best Photographer in South Georgia” for nine years. Lately, clients have been enjoying their photo booth at parties and wedding receptions.

“I plan to remain a fixture in Downtown Valdosta, where I can participate fully in my community and continue to travel beyond the community as needed for wedding, parties, corporate, and political events. I continue to create aerial photography as needed, particularly for construction companies, and have begun using drone photography,” he says.

Wes says the business always have a $150 Digital Special going. You get 5 digital images and $150 photo credit, but from now until March 1st we will give you a free 16×20 with that package. They are one of the few professional photographers in the area with a studio. To learn more about Wes Sewell Photography or to book a session visit www.wessewellphotography.com or find the on Facebook.