//DHS seeks older youth foster and/or adoptive parents

DHS seeks older youth foster and/or adoptive parents

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Get involved and improve the lives of older youth in foster care

JULY 27, 2020

On any given day in Georgia, there are approximately 3,000 teenagers ages 14 and over in foster care. While teens are overrepresented in the foster care system, foster families who are willing to parent teens are difficult to come by, often making it impossible for youth to remain in their home communities. Finding foster and adoptive homes for teens and older youth is one of the greatest recruitment challenges nationwide. 

The support, guidance and dedication afforded to teens in foster care has a lifelong impact. Imagine that you age out of the foster care system on your 18th birthday and don’t have any family members to guide you into early adulthood. Wouldn’t it be special to have a trusting adult support you by being there when you graduate high school, help guide you when you go off to college or be there for the birth of your child? 

Georgia needs foster and/or adoptive parents for older youth in care. As these teens transition into adulthood, they need families to provide meaningful social and emotional support. Be that family to a young person, and help guide them through life! Call 1-877-210-KIDS or visit fostergeorgia.com to learn how you can become a foster and/or adoptive parent today.