//Statesboro > Georgia Southern Shows “Ultimate” Tailgate Experience

Statesboro > Georgia Southern Shows “Ultimate” Tailgate Experience

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STATESBORO — Without a doubt, one of the greatest aspects of the college football experience is the tailgate. I know that in my time, I had more fun at tailgates than I generally did at the actual games themselves, and I’m sure plenty of people feel the same.

Georgia Southern certainly knows this, and it wants to give its fans the “ultimate” tailgating experience. The school is introducing the “Ultimate Suite” for fans to tailgate in, and it’s basically a house designed solely for tailgating.

From the release:

The suite can accommodate dozens of guests with almost 400 square feet of indoor entertaining space that includes four flat screen HD satellite TVs, wet bar, air conditioning and a private bathroom. You also have the ability to move the party outside with satellite television, outdoor furniture, exterior beverage refrigerator and propane grill.

Gameday Traditions provides a luxury tailgating experience that can’t be matched with private members-only access and security, suite concierge and on-site general manager.

The Ultimate Suite is completely turnkey and you simply will show up and enjoy with no setup necessary.



Now, I don’t know if you’re truly tailgating if you’re inside this thing watching television the entire time, but I also don’t know that I care. Do you realize how hot it can get in Statesboro, Georgia? From late August to early October the average high temperature is generally between 85 and 90 degrees.

I’d like the ability to step inside while tailgating once in a while in those conditions, and if there just so happens to be a television and couch for me to sit on while doing so, even better.

So if you’re renting this thing before a Georgia Southern game, and I’m in the area, just know that I’m showing up. Whether I’m invited or not.

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