//Fentanyl Makers Donates to Campaign Opposing Pot Legalization

Fentanyl Makers Donates to Campaign Opposing Pot Legalization

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Insys Therapeutics Inc., the company that currently markets a sublingual fentanyl spray called Subsys, has donated $500,000 towards the campaign that wants to keep the recreational use of marijuana illegal in the state of Arizona, according to U.S. News.

This donation from the company that is known to make a drug that is “significantly more potent than heroin” and that also sold Marinol, a synthetic version of cannabinoid THC comes as a surprise. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows for cannabinoid THC to be used for the treatment of cancer and HIV related illnesses, which are benefits that pro-legalization supporters say the raw plant can provide without the corporate middleman. While Insys claims to have no plans to continue to sell Marinol, they are preparing a similar drug.

The chairman of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, J.P. Holyoak, had this to say about the donation, “Our opponents have made a conscious decision to associate with this company. They are now funding their campaign with profits from the sale of opioids – and maybe even the improper sale of opioids. We hope that every Arizonan understands that Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy is now a complete misnomer. Their entire campaign is tainted by this money. Any time an ad airs against Prop. 205, the voters should know that it was paid for by highly suspect Big Pharma actors.”