//Georgia primary run-off candidate guide

Georgia primary run-off candidate guide

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The Georgia primary run-off is coming up Tuesday, August 11. iVoterGuide has released a guide for voters showing all races and candidates.

The guide can be viewed HERE.


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Georgia Primary Run-off Voters: iVoterGuide Provides Accurate, Well-Researched Facts on Candidates

ATLANTA — State primaries and local races around the nation are especially significant this election year, and iVoterGuideis helping to ensure that voters everywhere are informed before they head to the polls.

“Regardless of how they cast their votes, Americans want accurate, well-researched information and trusted guidance in order to remove all uncertainty from the most important part of voting—making the right choice,” said iVoterGuide President Debbie Wuthnow. “The greatest threat to our republic is not delayed election results or even fraud, but ill-informed voters. Now more than ever, Americans need readable, honest, comprehensive facts about candidates and issues, such as our trusted voting guidance provides through just a couple of clicks.”

WHO:       iVoterGuide

WHAT:    Voter guide in Georgia that gives a report on candidates, information on voting (in-person or by mail), sample ballots and other crucial information.

WHERE:  Online at ivoterguide.com/All-in-State/georgia;

view iVoterGuide’s COVID-19 updates at ivoterguide.com/news/Coronavirus-Election-Dates

WHEN:    Primary is August 11, 2020

WHY:       From election dates to voter registration deadlines and polling locations, iVoterGuide has resources to help turn out 2.2 million voters across all 50 states in the 2020 primary and general elections in order to restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise and traditional American values. iVoterGuide is distributed through gold partners such as American Family Association Action and Family Research Council Action.

HOW:       Providing the most comprehensive, educational information on nearly every race in the country, iVoterGuide has researched over 24,000 candidates in more than 11,000 races and offers sample ballots, voting information and candidate evaluations.  Learn more at ivoterguide.com.

View the media page for iVoterGuide here. For more information on iVoterGuide, visit ivoterguide.com  or follow iVoterGuide on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.