//Racial relations to be discussed by state representatives

Racial relations to be discussed by state representatives

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Rep. Stovall and House Chamber Seatmates to Hold Virtual Conversation Event on Race Relations Tomorrow

ATLANTA – State Representative Valencia Stovall (D-Forest Park), along with State Representatives Wes Cantrell (R-Woodstock), Todd Jones (R-South Forsyth) and Marc Morris (R-Cumming), will hold a virtual conversation event regarding race relations TOMORROW, June 12, 2020, at 6 p.m. To watch the Facebook live, please click here

“As I continue to witness racial unrest in this state and nationally, I thought it would be a good idea to have a conversation with my colleagues, who come from different backgrounds, about the ‘elephant’ in the room,” said Rep. Stovall.

“Sitting on the floor of the Georgia House of Representatives has caused the four of us to share a special bond,” said Rep. Cantrell. “Our differences in party, race or opinion make no difference. We value one another as people and our conversations reflect that value. I will forever be a better person for having sat next to these three. Join us as we have an honest, informal conversation about race relations.”

“As a quorum of four in the tenth row of the Georgia House of Representatives, we have truly formed a special bond,” said Rep. Jones. “It does not matter that we are not part of the same political party because we are Americans and Georgians first. Our banter and dialogue around policy matters that impact each citizen is always substantive and lively. I consider myself fortunate that the four of us were sat together and look forward to discussing how we ensure that all Georgians have equal opportunities.”

“Serving in this small group of four has been my most enjoyable experience at the State Capitol,” said Rep. Morris.  “Our frank and honest conversations might not always change votes or positions, but it does produce deeper level of understanding into issues that affect districts, state and the nation. We clearly have reached the point where communication and understanding must be paramount.”


  • Rep. Stovall (D-Forest Park)
  • Rep. Wes Cantrell (R-Woodstock)
  • Rep. Todd Jones (R-South Forsyth)
  • Rep. Marc Morris (R-Cumming)


  • Virtual Conversation Event on Race Relations


  • Friday, June 12, 2020
  • 6 p.m.