//The Shelter-In-Place order, what you need to know

The Shelter-In-Place order, what you need to know

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As expected, on Thursday evening Governor Brian Kemp implemented a shelter-in-place order. The order will go into effect at 6pm on Friday, April 3 and will stay in place until at least April 13.

You can find the official order with the specific details HERE.

Can you leave your house?

You can leave your home to go outside and exercise, buy groceries, purchase medical equipment, go to doctor appointments, respond to emergencies, and travel for work at businesses that comply with the order’s restrictions.

What businesses are closed?

The order specifically closes amusement parks, barber shops, beauty shops, body art shops, bowling allies, cosmetology schools, fitness centers, hair designers, and massage therapists. Bars and nightclubs were previously ordered shut.

Will restaurants remain open?

Yes, but dine-in services are no longer allowed with the exception of hospitals and nursing homes. Curbside pickup, take-out, and delivery is still allowed for restaurants.

What businesses can stay open?

The order allows two types of businesses/nonprofits to remain open:

Critical infrastructure – Suppliers of essential goods and materials, legal firms, health providers, utilities, and health services.

Minimum basic operations – If not a specific type of business ordered to close, non-critical businesses can remain open but must follow additional guidelines.

Can you still go to church?

Yes, the policy does permit residents to visit places of worship, but you must follow social distancing guidelines.

More details are available below from the official Georgia Governor’s website: