//Georgia Association of Educators visits Valdosta / Lowndes Co.

Georgia Association of Educators visits Valdosta / Lowndes Co.

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GAE President, Lisa Morgan visits The Morning Drive to discuss the GAE’s position for the upcoming school year and it’s position on teaching “The Whole Truth”. Ms. Morgan outlines the GAE’s top 3 priorities for the upcoming school year. Number 1 is the distribution and use of the American Rescue Plan funds; removal of the system of the harmful waivers brought under the Strategic Waiver School Systems and Charter system policies; finally to ensure Gov. Brian Kemp completes his promise of a $5,000 raise for the state’s teachers.

Interview from The Morning Drive

Ms. Morgan also touched on a political hot button, Critical Race Theory (CRT). In June of this year the Georgia State Board of Education passed a resolution addressing the topic of Critical Race theory. This resolution confirms that Georgia stands against teaching CRT in K-12 of Georgia public schools. Ms. Morgan states in a recent news release that “The true intent of the resolution is to create a divide between parents and public school educators and to sow distrust and erode confidence in our public schools and hard-working Georgia educators.” Ms. Morgan addresses this in the attached interview. She promotes the Georgia Standards of Excellence as a corner-stone as to how Georgia public school teachers would conduct themselves in the classroom. Ms. Morgan states that she believes that the whole truth should be taught to Georgia students, all parts, the good the bad, and the ugly. The Morning Drive host, Bill Osborne questioned the ability of teachers to separate their personal opinions and convictions. She agreed that as part of the Georgia Standards of Excellence, signed in contract by all Georgia public school teachers, that the GAE agrees that these personal opinions and convictions would be left outside the classroom.

Ms. Morgan is in Valdosta the next two days to participate in new teacher orientation for both Lowndes and Valdosta School Systems,