//South Georgia Motorsports Park Completes Sound Barrier Wall

South Georgia Motorsports Park Completes Sound Barrier Wall

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South Georgia Motorsports Park Press Release:

ADEL –  Ozzy Moya, owner of South Georgia Motorsports Park in Adel, Georgia has invested a great deal of time and money to bring drag racing back to South Georgia.  As a good neighbor, Moya stands on his promise to the local community to build a sound barrier wall at South Georgia Motorsports Park. The wall is built and it is massive, standing 12 feet high, 140 ft long and six inches thick. The wall covers the back of the ¼ mile dragstrip, creating a strong structure that noise will be focused upward where it will dissipate straight up into the atmosphere. Now, to paint the structure and hunt for a sponsor for advertising opportunities.

The next step for the Raceway will be to begin the rebuild of the VIP suites above the spectator seating. As many remember, a tornado came through the facility and destroyed the suites.  Currently, the materials are on order and the reconstruction will begin next week. Many exciting changes for South Georgia Motorsports park. Keep watching for updates..

Now if we can get the rain to stop and the sun to shine so we can get back to our scheduled races!

About South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) is a premier racing destination for racers and spectators alike. Over 500,000 visit the facility which is in the city of Adel Georgia and just minutes from Valdosta, Georgia., Facility includes a 1/4-mile drag strip sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association, an Oval track and 380 acers of land for fairs and concerts.

Prestigious events such as the ALL OUT, NHRA Lucas Divisional, Mopar Southern Nationals and the Largest Radio Tire Events in the Nation, such as- No Mercy, Sweet 16 and LightsOut, take place at this great facility. For more information on SGMP, visit goracesgmp.com also stay connected on Facebook for the latest and greatest

Community Impact

South Georgia Motorsports Park also serves as an economic stimulant to the local economy by Attracting over 80% of visitors from outside of our region. By most county Visitor’s Bureau standers, each out-of-town visitor staying overnight spends an average of $124, meaning that the track has contributed millions to the local economy every year. SGMP also helps the local economy by hiring seasonal employees. By anyone’s measure, that’s a significant amount of revenue generated. SGMP has been and will continue to help our community by benefiting our local economy as well as helping law enforcement to cut down on illegal street.