//Lowndes County Schools remain open

Lowndes County Schools remain open

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While Valdosta City Schools are temporarily closed due to COVID cases, Lowndes County Schools will remain open.


As a system, we continue to believe in the power of in-person learning; therefore, we continue to do everything we can to provide safe and healthy learning spaces. Lowndes County Schools has demonstrated our ability to navigate the pandemic, and believe our teachers provide a high-quality face-to-face education. We modified our Return to School Plan to reflect the latest isolation and quarantine changes allowing our teachers and students to return to school expeditiously while safely navigating the health of everyone involved. All measures we have taken have been based on the orders issued by Dr. Toomey, the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health, and comply with CDC guidelines. Believing our efforts have been effective, we will remain open. We look forward to seeing our students tomorrow, returning to school on Tuesday, January 18th, after enjoying the MLK holiday on Monday.