//GEMA offers tips for earthquake safety

GEMA offers tips for earthquake safety

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GEMA/HS Encourages Participation in the Great SouthEast ShakeOut Drill

(ATLANTA) – The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) is partnering with the Great SouthEast ShakeOut to educate Georgians on the importance of being prepared. At 10:15 a.m. on October 15, participants will “Drop, Cover and Hold On” to practice what to do in the event of an earthquake.

While earthquakes aren’t as common in Georgia as they are in other areas of the U.S., they do still occur. Earlier this year, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that originated in North Carolina was felt across parts of north Georgia.

“Because earthquakes aren’t as common in our state as flooding or tornadoes, Georgians may not be as familiar with how they should respond,” said GEMA/HS Director Chris Stallings. “It’s important to us that our constituents are prepared for possible hazards.”

In the event of an earthquake, the best way to protect yourself is to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.” Drop to your hands and knees, cover your head and neck as you take shelter under a sturdy table or desk, and hold on to your shelter for the duration of the earthquake.

So far, over 15,000 participants have registered in the State of Georgia. Individuals and organizations interested in participating can register at www.shakeout.org/southeast/register.