//SJCS announces 4th quarter honor roll
St. John Catholic School

SJCS announces 4th quarter honor roll

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St. John Catholic School Announces 4th Quarter Honor Roll

Valdosta, GA – 

3rd Grade “A” Honor Roll: Jebran Gladwin, Cole Hamilton, Aryan Kumar, Kai McLelland, Owen Runci, Parker Staton

 3rd Grade “A/B” Honor Roll: Christopher Bravo, Erin McClellan, Miriam Dennis, Khloe Kalinowski

 4th Grade “A” Honor Roll: Andrea Boatright, Will Cuddy, Valeria Luna-Bautista, Sara Rae Nelson, Christopher Wallace

 4th Grade “A/B” Honor Roll: Kelog Pufong, Gavin Browning, Dani Sanchez, Ellie Wolford

 5th Grade “A” Honor Roll: Alexandra Wallace

 5th Grade “A/B” Honor Roll: David Runci, Caleb Smith, Souad Dennis, Sarah Puckett, Ben Bass, Samuel Nelson

6th Grade “A” Honor Roll: Lucy Kumpel

 6th Grade “A/B” Honor Roll: Randa Gladwin, Gabriel Morris

 7th Grade “A” Honor Roll: Chandler Monetti, Ray Moody, Patrick Wallace

7th Grade “A/B” Honor Roll: Ava Thomas, Gavin Zimmerman, Eddie Bravo, David Boatright, Henry Hamilton

8th Grade “A” Honor Roll: Bryant Miley

 8th Grade “A/B” Honor Roll: Stephen Moore, Kimberly Kent, Emma Graybeal

About Saint John the Evangelist Catholic School

St. John the Evangelist Catholic School, located at 800 Gornto Road in Valdosta, Georgia, provides students Pre-K 3 – 8th grade with the highest quality education in a Christian setting. The school offers electives including Spanish, music, band, art and computers as well as religion in addition to extracurricular activities like basketball, volleyball, cross country and student council. For more information, call the school at (229) 244-2556 or visit sjcsvaldosta.org.