//Miss Cookie, Ranie Brown Sing for Homeless

Miss Cookie, Ranie Brown Sing for Homeless

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VALDOSTA, Ga. – On a blustery Thursday, February 6, walking into the Valdosta Mall the sound of angels rang out.

Cousins Margie “Miss Cookie” Guyton and Ranie Brown are always a pleasant surprise to happen upon, sometimes outside Walmart, this time in the food court at the Valdosta Mall singing their hearts out and filling yours up.

Miss Cookie, left, and Ranie Brown, right sing for Jesus and the homeless

“Our ministry is Love and Action with Compassion,” Miss Cookie said with a big, warm grin. “Last night we sang at Mt. Calvary and we are always singing whenever and wherever we can to raise money to feed the homeless.”

Miss Cookie and Ranie Brown sing gospel to feed the homeless

From Quitman, they feed 25 babies every day, and at Christmas, 300 children.

Their voices carry over the murmuring din of American commerce and frivolity. If you walk in to buy a pair of trendy sunglasses or a spicy set of undergarments, their voices are a deep anchor that holds you fast in a spiritual embrace, reminding you what the meaning of life is beyond your trinkets and worries.

They have a bucket for donations and it is about half full. When someone stops by their table to talk, hug, donate, they are full of grace and gratitude.

Miss Cookie retired in 2008 from Hudson Dockett and she’s had three hernia surgeries but doesn’t let her health or money issues stop her from serving the needs of the needy.

They will be back at the Valdosta Mall on Monday.

“May God bless you,” Miss Cookie told Valdosta Today. “Thank you for helping our homeless ministry. It means so much.”

Listen to their beautiful song in the video, and stop and give them a hug and get a good prayer in with them. It will be the best thing you do all day and the best sense of reward you’ll likely feel.

To contact and/or donate to Love in Action with Compassion, you can call Margie “Miss Cookie” Guyton at 229-548-0525.