//Sixth grader completes interesting “cat butt”science fair project

Sixth grader completes interesting “cat butt”science fair project

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Cat aficionados and those that are less fond of felines can now rest easy on a much-debated cat hot topic, thanks to a Tennessee sixth grader’s science project. According to Kaeden Griffin’s findings, the back end of Fluffy isn’t touching every surface it sits on.

We don’t know exactly what led to Kaeden’s science fair project topic, but we do know he tackled it in a safe and imaginative manner. Using non-toxic lipstick he painted his cats’ anuses and then kept track over several weeks as to where the lipstick marks showed up in his house. (Kudos to Mom for going along with this idea.)

HIs results showed that cats with long and medium hair didn’t make contact with either hard or soft surfaces. Short-haired breeds didn’t make contact with hard surfaces, but did leave smudges of lipstick on soft surfaces like beds, pillows and furniture cushions.

HIs mother posted the results on Facebook, along with pictures and her post went viral, garnering almost 6,000 comments and more than 23,000 shares

We just want to know if he won the science fair.

Sourced from the Facebook page of Kerry Griffin