//2021 Governor’s Honors Program students announced

2021 Governor’s Honors Program students announced

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Governor Brian P. Kemp Announces 2021 Governor’s Honors Program Scholars

April 13, 2021. Governor Brian P. Kemp announced Tuesday that the 2021 Governor’s Honors  Program (GHP) scholars have been chosen for this summer’s residential summer program. Designed  for gifted and talented high school students who will be rising juniors and seniors during the program,  this will be the program’s 57th year of operation. 

“We congratulate the 2021 GHP scholars. Your hard work elevated you to a unique place of honor, and  we know that each of you will carry on the reputation of the Governor’s Honors Program by upholding  the best ideals of our great state. Being a GHP alumni places you among a very distinguished group of individuals across Georgia. Leaders in state government, legislators, and even members of my staff  have participated in the program and have gone on to do incredible things on behalf of the  hardworking Georgians we all serve. Your state is proud of you, and I look forward to your continued  success in the years ahead.” 

Over 3,000 applications were received from around the state. After rigorous interviews and auditions  684 finalists have been selected. Another 130 alternates have been identified and these students will  be invited to attend if any finalists are unable to participate. The final number of participants will be  posted in May to the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement website.  

Finalists represent: 

All 14 Georgia congressional districts; 

All 56 State Senate districts; and 

131 of 180 State House districts.  

Students went through several rounds of intensive competition, including interviews and  performances, to be selected for the 2021 Governor’s Honors Program. The annual GHP program  offers instruction that is significantly different from the typical high school classroom and that  is designed to provide students with the academic, cultural, and social enrichment necessary to  become the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators and leaders. 

This year’s summer program will be held on the Berry College Campus in Rome, Georgia. Students  attend classes in the mornings and afternoons in specific areas of study, and they will participate in a  wide variety of social and instructional opportunities every evening. Meals and rooms are provided  free to participants; the only expenses students may have are travel to and from Berry College, basic  supplies for classes and dorm rooms and spending money as desired during the four-week program. 

Georgia is proud to host the only Governor’s Honors Program in the nation that does not charge  students or families to attend. This program is the longest continuously running Governor’s Honors  Program in the nation, and the largest on a single college campus.