//VSU releases Summer 2022 Dean’s List

VSU releases Summer 2022 Dean’s List

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VALDOSTA – Valdosta State University announces the more than 270 students named to the Valdosta State University’s Summer 2022 Dean’s List.


More than 270 distinguished and accomplished students were named to Valdosta State University’s Summer 2022 Dean’s List, a recognition of their commitment to exemplifying excellence in the attainment of their educational goals.

To qualify for Dean’s List at VSU, students must achieve a semester grade point average of 3.50 or higher on nine or more semester hours with an institutional grade point average of 3.00 or higher. Please note that developmental studies, transient, and graduate students are not eligible for Dean’s List status.

Ronica Clark of Valdosta (31602)

Brittany Curtis of Valdosta (31601)

Jeet Patel of Valdosta (31601)

Madylin Schenk of Valdosta (31605)

Abigail Bland of Valdosta (31601)

Alyssa Hewett of Valdosta (31602)

Tyson Shaw of Valdosta (31605)

Kaylee Barnes of Valdosta (31601)

Lindsay Sebastian of Valdosta (31601)

Daunte Klingaman of Valdosta (31605)

Sarah Sable of Valdosta (31605)

Madison Reed of Valdosta (31605)

Shelby Henderson of Valdosta (31601)

Abigail Vincent of Valdosta (31602)

Abigail Wilcher of Valdosta (31602)

Katie Jacobsen of Valdosta (31602)

Taunashia Miller of Valdosta (31601)

Abreauna Hadley of Valdosta (31601)

Sarah Lowry of Valdosta (31602)

Mariel Zarate of Valdosta (31605)

Aneesha Johnson of Valdosta (31602)

Khari Hardin of Valdosta (31602)

Amy Alcoser of Valdosta (31605)

Leigh Overlaur of Valdosta (31605)

Owen Riggins of Valdosta (31605)

Devin Leonard of Valdosta (31605)

Mackenzie Snyder of Valdosta (31602)

Anish Patel of Valdosta (31605)

Daria Rebesco of Valdosta (31605)

Gina Fallon of Valdosta (31602)

Sarah Burch of Valdosta (31602)

Marquisha Garrick of Valdosta (31601)

Amber Smylie of Valdosta (31602)

Olivia Reynolds of Valdosta (31601)

Sarah Cuneio of Valdosta (31602)

Emmaleigh Herrington of Valdosta (31605)

Shauna Moore of Valdosta (31605)

Lauren McNeal of Valdosta (31605)

Angel Davis of Valdosta (31602)

Cecilia Porta-Martinez of Valdosta (31605)

Jillian Cassube of Valdosta (31605)

Ashley Andrade of Valdosta (31605)

Destiny Jackson of Valdosta (31601)

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