//Contraband seized during shakedown at Valdosta State Prison

Contraband seized during shakedown at Valdosta State Prison

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VALDOSTA – During a full-facility shakedown at Valdosta State Prison, items were seized in an effort to eradicate contraband.


The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) announced the completion of five full-facility shakedowns as part of our continuing efforts to eradicate our prisons of dangerous contraband.  GDC Tactical Squads, Immediate Response Team, Investigators and Agents conducted the unannounced shakedowns at Coastal, Central, Dooly, Lee, and Valdosta State Prisons and were successful in seizing more than 1,000 total items which could be used by inmates to conduct criminal activity within the walls of these facilities.

As a result of these most recent shakedowns, the following illegal contraband was confiscated:

  • 210 cell phones
  • 241 cell phone chargers
  • 647 weapons
  • 1420.6 grams of marijuana 
  • 2557.3grams of tobacco 
  • 289.9 grams of methamphetamine
  • 66.5 ounces of alcohol 
  • 142 pills

The GDC remains committed to ensuring the safety of both staff and inmates, as we continually evaluate and implement security processes and methods to stop the introduction of illegal contraband.  In addition to full facility shakedowns, the GDC conducts “Quick Strike” health and wellness checks, has implemented state-of-the art technological systems and made enhancements to our front-line and perimeter detection procedures. 

“We have taken an aggressive approach to ridding our facilities of these items, when, in the hands of inmates can create an unsafe environment,” said Commissioner Timothy C. Ward. “We will continue to be steadfast in this approach and others we may find to be useful, in upholding our non-negotiable mission of protecting the public.”

Full facility shakedowns will continue at facilities throughout the state, and we will continue to report the results of these efforts.