//SJCS class interviews acclaimed writer

SJCS class interviews acclaimed writer

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Photo: SJCS Virtual Interview – seventh grade class discuss the Chinese Culture Revolution and acclaimed writer Ji-Li Jiang’s experiences from her memoir, Red Scarf Girl.

St. John Catholic School’s seventh grade class recently discussed the Chinese Culture Revolution with acclaimed writer of Red Scarf Girl.


Recently the students of Deanna Barham and Pam Rickman’s seventh-grade class had the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Chinese culture and history. The class virtually interviewed acclaimed writer Ji-Li Jiang after reading the author’s memoir, Red Scarf Girl, studying modern China and learning about the Chinese Culture Revolution. 

St. John Catholic School’s seventh grade class’ virtual interview with acclaimed writer Ji-Li Jiang from her memoir, Red Scarf Girl.

“What a unique and one-of-kind experience to interview Ji-Li Jiang,” said SJCS 7th Grade English & Language Arts Teacher Deanna Barham. “She encouraged the students to think critically and maintain compassion if they begin experiencing division and labeling within their own society.” 

During the interview, Ji-Li Jiang discussed topics related to her book and the Chinese Culture Revolution. The students were given an opportunity to ask questions, such as how the Chinese Culture Revolution was different from other revolutions in regards to how it was formed; how Chairman Mao won the support of young people; and how important it is to be critical thinkers and not be easily manipulated.

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