//VPD warns citizens against holiday theft

VPD warns citizens against holiday theft

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With the Holiday Season upon us Valdosta Police Department wants to warn citizens to takesteps to protect themselves from thieves.

While out shopping make sure to keep you vehicle doors locked. Place all items of value in the trunk or other areas that can be secured out of sight. If this is not possible, we suggest you take the items home and drop them off.

Another crime that increases this time of year is package theft. Thieves go around looking for packages delivered to homes while the resident is away. To avoid this, try and be home when the package is to be delivered, or give specific directions to the delivery company that will prevent these packages from being left in vulnerable areas. Another solution is to have a friend or family member pick the packages up for you.

“This is the time of year for neighbors to lookout for neighbors. If you see or hear of anyone involved in these types of crimes notify us immediately.” Captain Scottie Johns