//Valdosta police warn of telephone scams

Valdosta police warn of telephone scams

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The Valdosta Police Department would like to remind citizens about the continued existence of telephone scams. The telephone calls come from various areas with constantly changing telephone numbers, so blocking a particular number will not eliminate these types of calls.  

Often these scammers identify themselves as being with a particular company that the victim has services with, such as the power company. Recently citizens have notified us the scammers are identifying themselves as law enforcement officers. 

The scammers will ask for personal information and banking information. Often the scammers will ask you to purchase gift cards and give them the card numbers. DO NOT give these callers any information and DO NOT engage in conversation with them. If you are concerned contact the business or the law enforcement agency directly to confirm if the caller is someone trying to take advantage of you. 

These scams tend to prey more on the elderly. If you have an elderly family member, talk to them and warn them about these types of scams.