//Valdosta Celebrates Waste & Recycling Workers Week

Valdosta Celebrates Waste & Recycling Workers Week

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The City of Valdosta has joined cities across the state in celebrating 2021 Waste & Recycling Workers Week. This year, Governor Brian P. Kemp proclaimed the week of June 14-18, 2021, Waste and Recycling Workers across the state of Georgia.  Originally recognized as National Garbage Man Day, this week-long awareness effort focuses on solid waste workers as essential workers.

Joining other counties, municipalities, and organizations across the state, Valdosta is working to elevate the status of solid waste management industry workers with the theme of “I am Essential.” This week is an opportunity to recognize the contributions that solid industry workers make in communities throughout the world and especially in the City of Valdosta.

“We are proud to participate in this state-wide effort as we come together to ensure that solid waste workers are recognized as essential and need to be valued as employees that protect our health, as they did this last year during a pandemic,” said Richard Hardy, Public Works Director.

During the week of June 17 (June 14-18), there are many ways that residents and businesses can show support and appreciation for the people doing these essential jobs. Here are several suggestions:

  • Slow Down and pay extra attention when approaching or passing a collection vehicle.
  • Follow the provided guidelines for size and weight limitations and types of materials discarded in the regular trash.
  • Properly dispose of hazardous materials, do not put them in the trash.
  • Use more caution when putting harmful items in the garbage, such as broken glass or hot items.
  • Consider ways you can reduce, reuse and recycle things instead of throwing them in the garbage.
  • Wave to your collector to show your awareness and appreciation of their efforts.
  • Express thanks and appreciation with a chalk drawing on the sidewalk or driveway or a cardboard sign, banner taped to your trash receptacle.

The City of Valdosta plans to feature public works workers on its website valdostacity.com and social media accounts during this week. 

During this special week of celebration for Waste and Recycling Workers Week, we join together to thank the women and men who work daily to keep our neighborhoods and streets safe and clean!