//City of Valdosta launching community cleanup program

City of Valdosta launching community cleanup program

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City Announces Monthly Hot Spot Community Cleanup Program

In 2021, The City of Valdosta will begin a Monthly Hot Spot Community Cleanup Program. This will be held in addition to the two larger annual Community Hot Spot Cleanups. 

This program was implemented in order to focus on cleanup efforts throughout the City year-round and tackle large scale litter issue in sections. “We wanted to try and focus more on the City neighborhoods and allow for more cleanup opportunities so that people can become interested and involved in the cleanup efforts of these residential areas. We hope to give residents more of an initiative to clean up and get rid of things they might have been putting off,” said Community Sustainability Coordinator Teresa Turner.

City staff will host the first monthly “Love Where You Live” Community Hot Spot cleanup in District 1 from January 25 – 29 in the Neighborhoods between North Forrest Street and Leon Street from Cypress Street to East Hill Avenue (Map Attached).

The week before the cleanup, staff will place flyers out to inform residents in the area about the event. The week of the cleanup, city crews will inspect the area to identify any repairs that need to be made such as potholes, clean signs, clear right of way, trim trees/bushes covering signs, street sweep and storm drain cleanouts as well as pick up trash and debris the residents put out by the road.

Beginning Monday, January 25, residents in the identified area can place bulk trash and debris by the road. Public Works crews will pick up bulk trash items throughout the week at no cost to the residents.

As the Community Sustainability Coordinator, City Leadership, Supervisors, and City Marshals move about the City daily, staff will provide feedback on areas needing attention. This information will be used to determine which areas in the community will be selected for a monthly clean up event. 

For more information about the Love Where You Live Community Hot Spot cleanup, contact Teresa Turner, Community Sustainability Coordinator at 229-259-3588 ext. 4788.