//Lanier Co. bust two on meth charges

Lanier Co. bust two on meth charges

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Press Release:

On Monday March 9th, Investigators with the Lanier County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search of a residence at 557 Highway 135 north and charged two individuals for drug crimes.

A lengthy search of the yard and wooded area around the house was conducted with two K-9’s to ensure that no narcotics were left where children and animals might find them.

Arrested at the residence was James Randall Phillips, age 35, and Rhonda Lynn Culbreth age 51.

Phillips, who resides at the residence was charged for Possession with intent to Distribute Methamphetamine and Culbreth was charged with Possession with intent to Distribute Methamphetamine and Possession of Hydrocodone.

Investigators say that they were able to find a “trap” hidden in a cleverly constructed area of the floor that was covered by vinyl and a rug over the vinyl. Multiple baggies packaged for sale were discovered in the hiding spot and field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Investigators say that Mr. Phillips has been under scrutiny for some time and that he is believed to be a moderate seller of methamphetamine in the local area to a select group of people.

Sheriff Norton said: “I appreciate the efforts of the Investigators and the assistance of the Department of Corrections K-9 unit. We are doing everything we can to react to the intelligence we receive from people who are just sick & tired of the methamphetamine culture destroying lives in our community. We appreciate every tip and we will keep at it to make a difference everywhere we can.”