//Ryan Duke Loses Another Appeal in the Grinstead Case

Ryan Duke Loses Another Appeal in the Grinstead Case

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TIFTON, Ga. – Ryan Duke, who is has been charged with the murder of Tara Grinstead, returned for his third request for state funds which was denied by Tift Judicial Circuit Judge Bill Reinhardt.

According to WALB, Judge Reinhardt wrote that Duke is not allowed to “pick and choose which state-provided services he wishes to receive. He must accept the resources that are available.”

Attorneys Ashleigh and John Merchant are currently representing Duke at no cost to him.

The judge wrote “The aim of Amendment XIV is not to require a state to purchase for the indigent defendant all the assistance that his wealthier counterpart might buy, but for the state to ensure the indigent defendant enjoys ‘basic tools of an adequate defense.'”