//CDC Releases Warning to Avoid Recalled Sugar Smacks Cereal

CDC Releases Warning to Avoid Recalled Sugar Smacks Cereal

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ATLANTA – Kellogg’s popular breakfast cereal, Sugar Smacks, was recalled on June 14, 2018 due to possible Salmonella contamination which made 130 people sick in 36 states. Thirty-four of those were forced into hospitals. There have been 2-4 people in Georgia afflicted with it.

Even after the CDC and the FDA pushed the recall, more people became ill in 19 more states. As a result of continued outbreaks, on August 31, 2018, the CDC issued an advisory (https://www.cdc.gov/salmonella/mbandaka-06-18/index.html).

The advisory reads, in part:

  • CDC continues to recommend consumers not eat any Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal. People who recently became ill report eating Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal that they had in their homes.
  • If you see Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal for sale, do not buy it. The FDA has become aware that recalled Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal is still being offered for sale.
  • Thirty more ill people from 19 states were added to this outbreak since the last update on July 12, 2018.
  • Three more states reported ill people: Delaware, Minnesota, and Maine.

The CDC advisory also includes a map of how many outbreaks there have been in each state. (https://www.cdc.gov/salmonella/mbandaka-06-18/map.html).

Until new information has been released from the FDA/CDC, it is advised to not eat or purchase any Honey Smacks cereal.