//So You Wanna Be A Conservative Talk Show Host…….

So You Wanna Be A Conservative Talk Show Host…….

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As most of you know, I was blessed (or maybe cursed) to have taken the reigns of The Morning Drive from Chris Beckham officially on February 5th, 2017. I’d first like to offer a sincere thank you to Chris as well as Kim Pelkowski, General Manager of Black Crow Media here in Valdosta, for having the confidence in me to continue the fine production that is The Morning Drive. In acknowledgement of my upcoming one year anniversary, I thought I would look back over the year and discuss some of the issues surrounding my position in the Captain’s chair.

First, I did not attend, much less graduate, from Radio Talk Show Host University! Everything you hear me say and do is a combination of many things. As most of you were, I to was a fan and loyal listener while Chris hosted the show. I called in to voice my opinion just as some of you did and I also had certain ideas on how Chris should run his show. From the comfort of my vehicle it was easy to see where Chris was going wrong! However, I soon learned from the DIS-comfort of his studio chair, it just wasn’t that simple.

I quickly realized that the shear orchestration of how to shut my mouth and go to break was incredibly cumbersome. As with all new things, thankfully, it got easier and smother. The next challenge was to realize just how many different opinions and views were out there and just how passionate each of you are about your position. We all are very reluctant to change our minds.

Like a rookie, I then publicly announced my cell phone number. Live. On air. To thousands of people. I was OVERWHELMED with texts and calls and that continues today. If that sounds like a complaint, well, it is and is not. While it is extremely flattering, it creates an impossible, no win situation. If I respond and acknowledge every call or text or email, I simply could not get anything else accomplished on most days. Luckily, most of the listeners understand this. There are some who do not and seem to get their feelings hurt if I do not respond. Trust me…I read every single message and often use your opinions to shape my thoughts as I deliver the show.

There are a few really interesting critiques and suggestions on how I am doing the show and how I SHOULD be doing the show. I suppose the greatest complaint is on how long I let someone speak or how many times I take their call. I do not have the advantage of knowing who is calling as of yet so short of hiring a call screener, that’s not changing anytime soon. And I’m not sure I even want to screen as I want to hear the opinion no matter what it is. If the caller is interesting to me, I may go longer. If the caller has a tendency to inspire other calls, they may get more time. Interestingly, if the caller has an opinion that resembles that of the listener, the listener loves for the call to continue. If the caller’s opinion is contrary to that of the listener, the caller should be limited! As stated earlier, I have not been to school on this. So basically, if you do not like the way I conduct the show, reach up and turn the channel!

I absolutely LOVE this job. I still believe that we have the power to make a difference. I appreciate each and every one of my listeners regardless of your political views. As long as the good Lord allows, I will be here! I will be writing each week on certain topics so please continue to read and let me know your thoughts!