//Valdosta > City Removes Briggs Street Elevated Water Storage Tank

Valdosta > City Removes Briggs Street Elevated Water Storage Tank

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VALDOSTA — A contractor working for the City of Valdosta will dismantle the 10-legged elevated water storage tank located at the corner of South Briggs Street and West Savannah Avenue, beginning Wednesday, Feb. 25. The dismantling work will take place during daytime business hours and is expected to be completed within three days, weather permitting.

Constructed in the 1950s, the 500,000-gallon tank was taken out of service in 2013 following the completion of the new 2-million gallon elevated water storage tank erected on Fry Street. The new water tank has a significantly larger storage capacity and helps to improve water quality in the southernmost parts of the city. Due to its age, high maintenance costs and limited capacity, the Briggs Street tank is no longer necessary.

During the dismantling, traffic control devices and adequate traffic signage will be in place to alert motorists of the work zone and any necessary detours. As always, motorists are urged to drive with caution and follow the traffic warning signs for their safety and the safety of others.

All aspects of the dismantling will be in full compliance with Federal, state, OSHA and EPA regulations. The scrap metal from the dismantled tank will be recycled.

For more information, call the City of Valdosta Utilities Department at (229) 259-3592.

Sementha Mathews: Public Information Officer