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Moody AFB > Pilot Earns Award for Valor

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MOODY AFB — Showing great heroism or achievement during combat is the meaning of the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross.  A Moody AFB Pilot did just that is saving lives in Afghanistan.

WCTV Photo
WCTV Photo

Major Jeremiah Parvin was awarded the medal Thursday during a ceremony on base.  The pilot was awarded the medal by the Ninth Air Force Commander for saving six marines in Afghanistan in 2008.

“What drives your urgency to keep going is the voice on the other end of the radio, and the voice on the other end of the radio told us we had to keep going because there was a very dire situation on the ground”, Maj. Parvin said in an interview with WCTV.

Master Gunnery Sargent Richard Wells, one of the Marines Parvin saved, has an even stronger sense of Parvin’s heroism.

“I will always be in Major Parvin’s debt for the rest of my life; myself and the rest of my team. It’s the single most important event I’ve had in my entire life”, Wells stated.

Incredibly, Parvin’s wife first heard the story during Thursday’s presentation and proudly surprised at the level of her husband’s heroism and service.

Parvin again showed the mission more important than the recognition.  He was only worried about those Marines who needed him so much.