//New study reveals Georgians’ dream home

New study reveals Georgians’ dream home

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ATLANTA – A new survey of American’s dream homes shows Georgians’ dreaming of a Second Empire-style house.


Georgians’ dream home is a 6-bed Second Empire-style house (according to AI technology).

  • Study reveals each state’s dream homes.
  • AI technology used to create images of these properties.
  • Interactive slideshow showing each state’s dream home.

Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy famously said ‘there’s no place like home’. It’s the most important place to a human being, a place of comfort, of safety, and, if we’re lucky, somewhere with all the latest smart home technology, and a personal gym.

And if money was no object, what would our dream home really look like? Some might be happy with a modest farmshouse in the country, while others might crave a high rise condo in the hippest part of city. Do some crave modernity? Or do we hanker after a historical style to make us feel more traditional? For some, the perfect house might have a pool so we can do laps every day to stay healthy; others might place more emphasis on the type of kitchen, depending on whether they’re the type to entertain regularly, or just need access to a fridge and a microwave. Either way, it’s fun to, well, dream…

Real time coupon and deals discovery engine CouponBirds surveyed 3,500 Americans to find out what their dream home would look like, taking into account details such as the style, the setting (in a city, suburbs, coastal or the country), the type of kitchen (modern, traditional or transitional), the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether it has a garden and/or a pool, if it has open plan living or not, and whether there is any kind of wellness area, such as a gym or a sauna.

The results have been divided up by state, and for each one, OpenAI’s DALLE artificial intelligence deep learning models has created a mock-up picture of their perfect dream home. The project brought up some interesting designs! 

Georgians, for example, would choose a 6-bed Second Empire style home set in the suburbs, solar panels, single garage, medium-sized backyard, transitional kitchen, complete with a gym. Above is the AI image generated for Georgia ^

Second Empire homes were a modern Victorian-era style that originated in France before spreading to the Northeastern and Midwestern United States. While sharing similar ornate Victorian trends, Second Empire architecture generally offers a simplified Victorian aesthetic. Some of the key elements that help identify a Second Empire home include a uniquely shaped mansard roof, decorative window framing and dormers, decorative rails or balustrades around terraces and staircases, and iron roof crest and eaves with support brackets. Additionally, Second Empire homes are easy to identify as they are the only Victorian-era style that often features a symmetrical, rectangular floor plan.

Other interesting results:

Nutmeggers would choose an opulent 4 bedroom Greek Revival style house, complete with swimming pool, double parking garage, a modern kitchen, large backyard, set in a Connecticut suburb. 

Wyomingites, on the other hand, stuck fairly closely to what they already know: in this case, they dreamed of a large country ranch-style home – perfect for keeping some horses – with 6 bedrooms, a pool, a large backyard and an open-plan setting. Ranch homes are generally popular in the West, and help promote the cowboy image… so it’s possibly no surprise that this was the house style of choice for Texans, too.

It’s maybe not unexpected, either, that in the land of the prairie, Kansas, they dream of a Prairie-style home. These were made famous by the celebrated architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, and these long and low buildings celebrate and complement the natural beauty of the Midwestern landscape. Kansans also wanted to live in the country and have a traditional-style kitchen, five bedrooms, solar power and a steam room, but no pool.

The very quirky and ornate Queen Anne style – think turrets, stained glass windows, elaborate woodwork and half-timbering – is coveted by those who live in Iowa. With just four bedrooms, no pool, a medium sized backyard, based in the suburbs, it sounds as if they want the exterior to do the talking.

CouponBirds created a 50 slide infographic showing each state’s dream home – from Alabama’s Colonial Style to West Virginia’s Gothic.

“Saving money is the foundation for achieving the dream of homeownership. By setting financial goals and creating a plan to reach them, you can one day realize the dream of owning your own home” says Tricia Smith of CouponBirds.