//Five things we’re Googling about spring cleaning

Five things we’re Googling about spring cleaning

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Did you do any cleaning this weekend? If so, you’re not alone. Google Trends recently released statistics on the most popular searches in regard to spring-cleaning.

Aside from the phrase “spring cleaning” itself trending, here are the top five related searches on Google.

1. “Spring cleaning checklist” has doubled in searches during the past week.

2. “How to clean…” searches that include: “How to clean a dishwasher” … “How to clean suede shoes” … “How to clean white shoes” … “How to clean a cast iron skillet” … and “How to clean Airpods.”

3. “Where to donate” searches have increased with the most popular being, “where to donate clothing.”

4. Searches for cleaning products made the list with the top-trender being an all-purpose cleaner called The Pink Stuff.

5. “How to organize posts, such as “How to organize your life” … “How to organize your fridge” … “How to organize a pantry” … “How to organize your closet” …and “How to organize kitchen cabinets.”

Source: Google