//Corn Ribs are trending on TikTok

Corn Ribs are trending on TikTok

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If you can get past all the “hap.. hap… happy guy” puppy posts on TikTok, you’ll probably see some new, and often weird, food ideas.

One new idea that’s currently trending is “corn ribs.” And yes, it’s basically what it sounds like… ribs that are made out of corn.

You start by cutting an ear of corn lengthwise into 4 pieces, seasoning them and then cooking them in an oven, air fryer or on the grill. While cooking, the pieces curl into the same basic shape as ribs.

As with most of these new food ideas, users seem divided on their opinions. Would you try “corn ribs?” Check out the video below.


Have you tried corn ribs? It’s such a fun way to cook corn! You can grill them, air fry them or bake them! IB @spicednice #cornribs #foodtiktok

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