//Grady County traffic to shift to new SR 111 bridge

Grady County traffic to shift to new SR 111 bridge

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CAIRO – Traffic is scheduled to shift Tuesday, Feb. 23, to the new Little Tired Creek tributary bridge on State Route (SR) 111 in Grady County.

The bridge is located less than a mile north of Cairo. The road was not closed during construction because a detour bridge was built and traffic was moved to it in the summer of 2020.

The new bridge replaces one that was built in 1930 and widened in 1950. It was a culvert bridge consisting of three, six-foot corrugated metal pipe sections with concrete headwalls. The new bridge is built to current design standards, is wider than the old structure and has shoulders.

The approximately $2.6 million project is scheduled for completion this summer. The detour bridge will be removed once traffic has shifted.