//Ex-employee allegedly stole $163K from church

Ex-employee allegedly stole $163K from church

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GAINEVILLE, GA – The AJC reports that within two weeks of letting employee Stacy Lynne Richardson go, a Gainesville church discovered that that they were missing approximately $163,000 worth of funds.

According to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, the former administrative assistant at Chicopee Baptist Church, 36-year-old Richardson, is now facing felony counts of theft by deception and computer trespass.

Richardson is accused of using the church’s credit card to make unauthorized purchases. Allegedly, she also remotely accessed a computer system at the church with the intent of deleting files.

Officers arrested Richardson on Saturday and she was released from Hall County Jail on Monday through a $8,450 bond. Hall County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating.

Source: AJC