//Beware Drug Mixture Dubbed “Gray Death”

Beware Drug Mixture Dubbed “Gray Death”

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ATLANTA, Ga. – Official warns the public about a new drug mixture that they say shouldn’t be touched if at all possible. Dubbed the “gray death,” the deadly drug was first seen in Georgia and Alabama and is spreading.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) confirmed the first death from what has been dubbed the “gray death” in when 24-year-old Lauren Camp died in February 2017 after using the drug inside a Brookhaven condo.

CBS reports that “gray death” is a potentially fatal drug combination between heroin and fentanyl. Some forms of the drug may even contain carfentanil, a substance used to tranquilize large animals, and a synthetic opioid called U-47700.

The “Gray Death” is a combination of heroin and fentanyl and resembles concrete

According to a viral post on St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, the “gray death” has a potency 10,000 times greater than morphine.

In order to be clear on our story, let us reiterate that this is the first time we have seen this drug by our agency in St. Mary Parish. We are quite sure that the drug has been found in other places in Louisiana, but in our area and parish, this is a bit of a rare find for us.

As far as this drug or any other illicit drug, touching or handling them is not advisable. These drugs contain harmful ingredients in unknown amounts. Many times these drugs are accompanied by needles and other drug paraphernalia which can be dangerous.

If you encounter illicit drugs, please contact law enforcement and let the authorities deal with and remove these drugs.

In our work to keep drugs off our streets in St. Mary Parish, we made a couple of arrests in the last few days with something we don’t see very often around here. It’s a new type of heroin called “gray death.”
Gray death is a lethal combination of some of the most deadly opioids including heroin, fentanyl, and various fentanyl analogues. It is reported to have a potency 10,000 times greater than morphine.

The unidentified super drug began to surface in the south in Alabama and Georgia. A minuscule amount of this drug, which has the appearance of small chunks of concrete, can kill.

The sample in the photos was recovered from suspects that were traveling across St. Mary Parish from the Lake Charles area.

The public is advised to never pick up or touch this drug if you ever encounter it and to call and report it to law enforcement

St. Mary’s Parish Sheriff’s Office, Feb. 5, 2020

Gray death, even in small doses, can lead to fatal respiratory depression. Drugs.com reported that gloves may not even be enough.

Fentanyl has was recently considered a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) by the Dept. of Homeland Security.