//The Vision for the Film Industry in Fitzgerald

The Vision for the Film Industry in Fitzgerald

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By Josh Howell

FITZGERALD, Ga. – Did you ever think you would see actors walking the streets of Hollywood wearing Fitzgerald Purple Hurricane hats and hoodies?

Well, that is exactly what you can catch a glimpse of in Hollywood – and in Fitzgerald thanks to the efforts of some local citizens. Over $1.5 million worth of movies and TV shows have been filmed in Fitzgerald over the past year, and it’s just getting started. Rise Georgia interviewed Alexander Kane, an actor/ producer from Fitzgerald, and he stated much more is on the horizon for the small town.

Alexander Kane grew up in Fitzgerald, and always had a dream of becoming an actor. He has been working with many film industry producers and actors to attract attention and to bring business to Fitzgerald, Ga. We asked him what is his vision for the film industry in Fitzgerald and he stated,

“I want to make Fitzgerald a place where people don’t feel like they have to leave. I want to make it exciting, bring jobs, money, and things to do to Fitzgerald. Not only that, but I want to prove to my children that anything is possible from anywhere.”

Alexander Kane
Alexander Kane

In towns like Fitzgerald, it is hard to attract large corporations that can bring manufacturing and logistics jobs when there isn’t anything going on there in the first place. Imagine, seeing producers and actors in your small town, and they are not there just visiting. They are there scouting out locations for an upcoming, Hollywood blockbuster film, or possibly multiple films. They are eating at local restaurants, buying supplies from local stores, and staying at local hotels.

This is just the start. Eventually, as momentum picks up, they start to build sound stages in the town, buy homes, hire local citizens, and start to attract tourism. Now, you have an environment where more businesses can be started that can support film companies, and you have a town that is easier to market to potential big businesses. It all starts with a spark, and people like Alexander Kane and Michael Frazier (another local actor from Fitzgerald) have created that spark.

If you live in the Fitzgerald area, and you want to be a part of this unprecedented movement you can follow Alexander Kane at the link below. This spark is starting a fire that has the potential to reshape the economic landscape of central/ south Georgia. It starts with a dream, then comes the action.

Again, to be a part of this movement follow/ contact Alexander Kane by clicking here: AlexanderKane / Also, be sure to follow him on Instagram.