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Bainbridge > Chrysler Found Responsible For Death

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BAINBRIDGE — A Decatur County civil trial has reached a verdict based on the accusations that Chrysler was responsible for the death of a child in 2012.

The Chrysler has been confirmed as liable and 99% responsible. The driver, Brian Harrell is 1% responsible. Harrell hit a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee with his pick-up truck and killed a 4-year-old boy, named Remington Walden.

The Jeep was rear-ended and burst into flames, the family then blamed the placement of the gas tank for the explosion.

Jurors believe Chrysler should have never sold the Jeep Grand Cherokee because the gas tank was mounted behind the rear axle. 

The family will receive $150 million dollars between both, Chrysler and Harrell.

Harrell received seven years in prison for vehicular homicide.