//SGMC upgrades training with Laerdal Manikins

SGMC upgrades training with Laerdal Manikins

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Photo: SGMC Emergency Medical staff running a scenario based training on the new infant Laerdal Manikin.


Last month South Georgia Medical Center received three new Laerdal Manikins to help run scenario based training for Emergency Medical Services.

The manikins offer medics the ability to perform lifesaving skills and procedures without the use of other equipment making it a more efficient training device. These manikins are computerized and sensitive to touch as they recognize when the medic checks a pulse or establishes an IV. When the IV is administered the manikin has alerting capabilities that notify the medic when the IV is successfully placed.

Along with the manikins, SGMC received IPads and Leap software that allow trainers to input medical or trauma based scenarios for the manikin to react to depending on how the trainee preforms.

“These Laerdal Manikins are a game changer for our Emergency Services Department. This new state of the art training equipment will step up our clinical education to better prepare our medics to care for our community,” says Training and Relief Supervisor William “Todd” Daniel.

SGMC employs 81 medics who respond to over 25,000 calls annually and operate 7 ambulances that cover over 1,200 square miles in Lowndes, Lanier, and Echols counties.

For more information on SGMC visit sgmc.org.