//Georgia named #6 state with the most fatal animal attacks

Georgia named #6 state with the most fatal animal attacks

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Research can today reveal the states with the most fatal animal attacks – with over 161 human deaths in Georgia caused by animals, in the last 20 years.

The team at Outforia have revealed which states had the most fatal animal attacks from 1999 to 2019, along with the animals which have caused the most overall deaths and provided expert tips on what to do when attacked by a dangerous animal – Georgia is the 6th most dangerous state when it comes to animal attacks with 161 deaths since 1999.

You can view the full research here: https://outforia.com/animal-attacks/
Top 10 states with most deaths caused by animals (1999 – 2019)

4North Carolina180
10New York124

Further findings from the research revealed:
🇺🇸 There have been 520 deaths caused by animals in Texas, in the last 20 years.

🐊  Only 3 states have had 0 deaths in last 20 years: North Dakota, Rhode Island & Delaware.

🐻 There have been 70 fatal attacks caused by brown bears in last 50 years.

🦈Sharks are the second most dangerous animal in North America, causing 57 human deaths.
Carl Borg is the editor of Outforia and is an avid explorer in his spare time. He has some expert advice on what to do when attacked by a dangerous animal.

“Being attacked by an animal is a scary but very real threat when going on adventures around North America, so we wanted to make sure you know the precautions to take, if you ever feel threatened by one of these dangerous animals.
My main advice to anyone going on these adventures in places you might come across a wild animal is to be prepared. I would always recommend you research the most prominent animals in the area you are visiting, as different animals mean different protocols when facing an attack. Knowing the difference between a brown and black bear for example could save your life! When feeling threatened by a black bear, you should make yourself as big as possible, raise your arms above your head and make a lot of noise. Whereas with a brown bear you should remain extremely calm and reach for bear spray. 

With water animals such as sharks you should always avoid erratic swimming as this can attract them, however if they do begin to attack you – use something as a weapon, or your fists and feet – targeting their eyes and gills. For Alligators it differs, it’s always best to just avoid marshy rivers, if you are attacked, fight back immediately but do not resist being rolled over as this could cause you to break a bone.

There are lots of things you can do to avoid an animal attack but knowing whether to stay calm or fight back is key!”