//Shaq is just a generous giant

Shaq is just a generous giant

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Imagine standing in the jewelry store getting ready to pay off the piece of jewelry that has the power to change your life forever, when a 7’1″ man offers to pay the balance of your layaway. What would you think?

That’s exactly what happened at an Atlanta-area Zale’s store recently when former NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal noticed a shy, young man asking how much he still owed on the engagement ring he had placed on layaway. Shaq, who makes it his mission to do a good deed whenever he leaves the house, walked over and offered to pay off the ring.

Initially hesitant, the young man had to be talked into it, but now has a good story for the proposal.

For his part, Shaq said he didn’t want the story getting out, but someone else in the store caught it on video and posted it on social media.

You can listen to him talk about the incident below.