//Not quite their dream wedding…

Not quite their dream wedding…

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We’ve all heard of shotgun weddings, but a squatter’s wedding? It happened in Florida, when Courtney Wilson and Shenita Jones planned the perfect wedding weekend…or did they? Turns out their choice of location was already occupied and not because another wedding was double-booked.

It all started when Courtney saw a listing for a beautiful mansion in Southwest Ranches, Florida, complete with a pool, tennis courts, hot tub, gazebo and a large bar. He took a tour pretending to be interested in buying the property and instead, asked the owner if he could book the mansion for his wedding. The owner declined. End of story, right?

It was not. Courtney and Shenita didn’t realize the owner still lived there and decided to hold their wedding at the presumably vacant mansion, squatter style; that is, to say, without booking the venue. Flowers, band, officiant, caterers, guests and more were all given the address.

When those involved in the wedding started to arrive for the magic weekend, they were greeted by the startled owner, who ended up calling police to come and handle getting rid of the unwanted guests.

No charges were filed and there’s no word as to whether the wedding took place and, if so, where they held it.

Sourced from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel