//Bill Gates Gifts Michigan Woman 81-Pound Package

Bill Gates Gifts Michigan Woman 81-Pound Package

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DETROIT, Mi. – A 33-year-old Michigan woman participated in RedditGift’s Secret Santa exchange and was matched with none other than Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates, according to ABC27.

Shelby hit the Christmas jackpot this year with the online gift exchange. Gates not only gifted Shelby with her favorite movies, books, Lego sets, and Star Wars droid but he even donated an undisclosed amount of money to the American Heart Association in memory of Shelby’s late mother.

Shelby says that the package even included a handmade and what she believes to be a custom-made “Legend of Zelda” quilt. Her favorite gift is a bound manuscript of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, complete with scans of the author’s handwritten notes as he was writing the novel, says ABC.

MarketWatch reported that Gates and his team join the Secret Santa exchange every year, so keep an eye out next year.