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Savannah > New Nat Gas Pipeline to Fuel Coast

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SAVANNAH — Kinder Morgan has announced plans to construct a 360-mile pipeline to connect Coastal Georgia with a major existing pipeline running across the Southeast.

The pipeline will run parallel with the Savannah River and bring gas, diesel and ethanol from Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina to Savannah and Jacksonville and other related desitinations.

The Palmetto Pipeline, as it is being called, will hook up with existing pipelines to move 167,000 barrels a day of refined petroleum products from Baton Rouge, Collins and Pascagoula, MS, and Belton, SC to North Augusta, Savannah and Jacksonville.

Kinder Morgan filed paperwork with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, according to reports, suggesting the pipeline will positively impact Savannah and Jacksonville.  Company spokesmen said it should decrease prices to consumers now only serviced by truck or marine.

This will also be beneficial during inclement weather conditions as the pipeline wouldn’t be affected as marine or over the road transport would be in supplying the areas.

However, environmental advocates have issues with the pipeline as residents in affected counties began receiving notices of potential right of way issues. Savannah is already struggling with transport issues regarding liquified natural gas being routed through the city and even the Historic District.