//Georgia ranks in top 10 states most interested in social media cleansing

Georgia ranks in top 10 states most interested in social media cleansing

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ATLANTA – New data by DesignRush has found that Georgia ranks in the top 10 states most interested in a social media cleanse.


  • • Nevada ranks first with 185.95 searches per 100,000 for terms related to removing social media accounts 
  • • Tourist destinations like Hawaii, New York, and California rank in the top five 
  • • Georgia is 7th on the list, with 167.42 searches per 100k residents 

Social media has dominated the internet since Facebook first appeared online in 2006. 

Since then, sites like X, Reddit, and TikTok have sought to replicate Facebook’s success. However, the user-submitted content on social media sites contributes to the spread of fake news, and the public is now beginning to limit or completely stop their time browsing social media. 

Experts at B2B marketplace DesignRush have used Google Keyword Planner to analyze over 3,000 search terms related to removing social media accounts and limiting time spent on them, such as ‘delete facebook’ and ‘turn off tiktok.’ They compiled the results into a ranked list of states most interested in a social media cleanse.  

Nevada ranks first with 185.95 searches per 100,000 population. Home to the city of Las Vegas, a popular Instagram location, Nevada racks up 1,200 average searches each month for the term ‘deactivate instagram’. 

Second goes to Hawaii, with 177.75 searches per 100,000 population. The islands are a popular destination for tourists. The search term ‘deactivate facebook’ has an average of 933 monthly searches in the state. 

New York is in third with 175.73 searches per 100,000 population. New York state has 13,375 average searches each month for the term ‘deactivate facebook’ and has 5,300 average monthly searches for the term ‘delete instagram’. 

California ranks fourth with 174.33 searches per 100,000 population. The sunshine state is popular with tourists and has over 101 million posts on Instagram under the hashtag #california. The most popular search terms in California are ‘deactivate facebook’ with 20,483 average monthly searches and ‘deactivate instagram’ with 17,250 average searches each month. 

New Mexico is next, with 170.94 searches per 100,000 population. Known for Roswell, New Mexico beats Texas to the fifth spot, and the most popular term is ‘deactivate facebook’ with 1,460 average monthly searches. 

Rank State Sum of Volume Population Searches per 100k 
Nevada 5,909 3,177,772 185.95 
Hawaii 2,560 1,440,196 177.75 
New York 34,579 19,677,151 175.73 
California 68,038 39,029,342 174.33 
New Mexico 3,612 2,113,344 170.94 
Texas 51,113 30,029,572 170.21 
Georgia 18,270 10,912,876 167.42 
Colorado 9,712 5,839,926 166.31 
Illinois 20,397 12,582,032 162.12 
10 Arizona 11,800 7,359,197 160.35 
11 North Carolina 16,598 10,698,973 155.14 
12 Virginia 13,417 8,683,619 154.52 
13 Massachusetts 10,773 6,981,974 154.30 
14 Maryland 9,385 6,164,660 152.24 
15 Connecticut 5,325 3,626,205 146.85 

Texas takes sixth place with 170.21 searches per 100,000 population. The Lone Star State has the second-highest total monthly searches across all terms, with 51,113. For single search terms, Texans are looking to ‘deactivate instagram’ an average of 8,700 times per month. 

Rounding out the top ten is Georgia in seventh with 167.42, Colorado in eighth with 166.31, Illinois in ninth with 162.12, and Arizona in tenth with 160.35. Among the highest average monthly searches for single terms is Illinois, where residents search for ‘deactivate facebook’ 9,816 times on average. 

Just missing the top ten is North Carolina, with 155.14 searches per 100,000 population. Closely followed by Virginia with 154.52 searches and Massachusetts with 154.30 searches. 

Maryland ranks 14th with 152.24 searches per 100,000 population, and Connecticut is 15th with 146.85 searches.  

Gianluca Ferruggia, General Manager at DesignRush, commented on the findings: 

“Social media keeps people online, and it comes at the expense of face-to-face socialization, which is needed to reduce feelings of stress. By reducing time on these apps by 30 minutes, our mood and ability to focus on work or create a healthy mindset can improve, as studies suggest.

“Social media has its place, with different apps and communities catering to various age groups. In the future, we could see a shift in how we interact with social media and how the content on these apps changes to reflect more balanced usage.”