//Ray City teen sentenced to 20 years

Ray City teen sentenced to 20 years

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RAY CITY – A 19-year-old Ray City teen was sentenced to 20 years in three separate child molestation felony cases.


On September 9, 2022, Ziron Dicorey Palmer, age 19, of Ray City, Georgia, was sentenced in three separate felony cases of child molestation in one case; aggravated stalking, and sexual exploitation of a child in a second case; and aggravated stalking, terroristic threats and inciting a riot in a third case. Palmer entered pleas to all three cases and was sentenced by Judge Clayton Tomlinson to 20 years with the first 5 years of the sentence to be served in confinement in the Georgia Department of Corrections.

District Attorney Chase Studstill stated that “the charges in these cases were closely linked. Because of the nature of the charges and to protect the victim, we are unable to give out many details in this case. However, it is disturbing that this young man has committed these serious crimes at such a young age. It was difficult for our office to balance the age of a defendant with the need to protect our citizens. Mr. Palmer will have to serve time in prison as a teenager and register as a sex offender as well. His actions will have long-lasting repercussions for himself; but for the victim as well. Mr. Palmer’s actions caused a great deal of tension in our community. Now that he has accepted responsibility for his actions, it is our hope that the community heals and that the victim, in particular gets the help that she needs and heals as much as one can given this situation. Officers with the Nashville Police Department worked hard in preparing this case and in limiting hostilities that were involved. These officers work hard and have made every effort to keep this community safe.”