//Lowndes S.A.F.E. winners for March

Lowndes S.A.F.E. winners for March

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Pictured above: Wes Taylor with Stephanie Corbett and Steve Coleman


Congratulations to the March S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness for Everyone) Award Winners with Lowndes County Schools! The March winners are Stephanie Corbett (Custodial Department) and Jody Hendricks (School Nutrition Department) with Moulton-Branch Elementary School (MBE). These dedicated employees were selected for this award for making safety their #1 priority! Each winner received a $50 gift and will be re-entered for a $100 drawing at the end of the school year. Valdosta Insurance Services sponsor this award.

Jody Hendricks (School Nutrition Department) with Moulton-Branch Elementary School (MBE)

Stephanie Corbett is the head custodian at MBE and she leads her team very effectively. She supports her team by making sure they have the tools and supplies they need to keep the school clean and to do their job in an efficient and safe manner. Stephanie is receptive and willing to help with any problems that arise. While she and her team maintain a schedule that works well with the school schedule, she is also flexible in dropping whatever she is doing if an emergency arises. Stephanie plays a critical role in making MBE a safe, well-maintained, and attractive environment for all!

Jody Hendricks has been the Head Cashier at Moulton Branch elementary school for over 4 years. She is a dedicated employee who enjoys working with her peers and doing her part to make sure that the food and the surroundings are safe for students and staff. Jody ensures that the food is always at the correct temperature for serving and she follows the USDA guidelines for feeding students and staff safely.  She also keeps herself and others safe by following correct lifting procedures, washing floors and using signage, and correctly dating food that is received from the distributor. Jody is always smiling and is quick to make sure that everyone has what he or she needs at any given time.