//Lowndes Deputy Makes Rap Video Praising Vets

Lowndes Deputy Makes Rap Video Praising Vets

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By Robin Postell

LOWNDES CO., Ga. – One Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office deputy takes rapping to a new reverent level with his recent song and video, which he, wrote, produced and performed, “America.”

Emmanuel “Luckyboi” Shaw II released “America” four months ago with the intention of drawing more attention to the issue of taking care of military servicemembers/veterans

Lowndes Middle School Resource Office Emmanuel Shaw II, who goes by “Luckyboi” in his rap career, has recently released this video “America” to show his respect for active and veteran military servicemembers.

“My parents were military so we moved around a lot but I call Valdosta home because I’ve been a native here since 2001,” Shaw said, who turns 36 on January 16, one day after Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday. He quietly takes pride in that without saying so. “I started with LCSO in 2011 and left briefly but came back since 2015.”

Shaw, whose father Lynn Shaw was in the Air Force, started his musical career back in 2003 as a producer and songwriter. His two childhood friends were the performers and Shaw stayed in the background.

“Both of them passed away recently and I made a promise after that I would continue the project,” Shaw told Valdosta Today. “I was like, am I really doing this? Because I’d always been behind the scenes…they were like my brothers, and I’m carrying on what they started. We traveled and did live gigs and I’m stuck by myself now. I started a year and a half ago to carry on with it.”

One of Shaw’s friends, Leebernard Emmanuel Chavis from Moody was honored at the end of his “America” video; Airman 1st Class from the 824th Security Forces Squadron was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart after he was killed while on patrol in Baghdad, Iraq (U.S. Air Force Moody)

His first was a country rap ditty called, “Country Girl,” which is a standout about being a proud southern girl. And most recently, “America,” which he didn’t tell many people about. He was surprised to hear that Sheriff Ashley Paulk knew about it even though he had not mentioned it to him.

“I’ve been at the sheriffs office for four years now,” Shaw told Valdosta Today. “My background is in audio engineering and programming which I’ve been doing for 17 years now . I am a self-taught producer/songwriter and learned how to engineer by watching other Grammy award winning engineers over the course of many years.”

Shaw, who graduated from Lowndes High School in 2003, and filmed most of “America” right here in Lowndes County. “It was new to them,” he said of his fellows at LCSO. “I was just so shy and so scared.”

But Sheriff Ashley Paulk knew all about it. When Valdosta Today was alerted to Shaw’s work by a VT reader, Sheriff Ashley Paulk provided his contact information and said, “We were just talking about him. Strange you called because we really were just talking about him.”

“He does a good job with anything we give him,” Sheriff Ashley Paulk said. “Essentially a lot of what he does, as far as his video rap, it’s very clean. He keeps it on a straight line and very clean where everyone can listen to it. He’s a very talented young man in my opinion.”

Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk

“I feel like our military veterans don’t get what they need when they get home,” Shaw says of his latest effort “America.” “All the proceeds on this project and others will go towards Wounded Warriors Fund.”

The song opens up with the narrative, ” The Dept of Veterans Affairs is reporting we’re losing 22 vets a day…of those 7,400 veterans we lost in 2014, 70 percent were not receiving services from the VA…”

And continues with these lyrics:

“Thank a vet for for their service when you see them, a lot has died fighting for our freedom, it hurts my heart to see them hopeless and mistreated, show them love and compassion cause they need it. When it comes to the land of the free yea you the reason….how dare you disrespect them…VA should stop neglecting…a lot of soldiers didn’t make it back…the pain they feel…I wish I could hold them and catch all their tears….”

Lyrics from Emmanuel “Luckyboi” Shaw II’s video/song “America

“Right now we’re going to be doing a lot more outreach to let people know what’s going on for the people we are fighting for and who are fighting with us,” Shaw said of raising awareness about the multi-faceted issue of caring for veterans. Shaw is currently in the process of creating a Facebook artist page but until then you can see his videos and share his music here on his YouTube page.

Below is his first hit, “Country Girl.”

“It’s an honor to work with Sheriff Ashley Paulk,” Shaw added. “And his administration.”