//S.L. Mason 5th grade students write novel

S.L. Mason 5th grade students write novel

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VALDOSTA – Students from S.L. Mason Elementary School completed wrote a novel entitled Wonder for the Learnzillion Wonderstruck Unit.


Photo: Students from Richard Steltenpohl and Bree Hines 5th grade class

Let’s take a look back on the VCS spring semester!

S.L. Mason Elementary School fifth grade students from Mr. Richard Steltenpohl and Ms. Bree Hines’ class recently completed the novel Wonder to go along with their Learnzillion Wonderstruck Unit.

For the culminating activity, each student wrote an essay about what characteristics made them a “wonder.” Ms. Hines then published the essays in a class book, making one for each student in the class to have as a keepsake. The SLM admin team assisted with the final book reading, signing, and celebration.