//The Trouble with Friends

The Trouble with Friends

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I’ve made so many friends through Eleanor and she’s only 4 weeks old. Okay, so maybe not through her but through pregnancy itself. Over the past few months I’ve reconnected with old high school, college and work friends. I’ve found myself talking about how much milk I’m producing and the color of baby bowel movements with women I haven’t spoken with since college.

I remember when my best friend of 19 years told me she was pregnant. At the time I had just graduated college, started dating Garrett and was nowhere close to having children. We were at different stages in life so organically I let our friendship drift a little. Not too far because you don’t give up on a lifetime friendship over a few differences. However, for two years I didn’t work hard on it, I didn’t ask about the baby and had become a little selfish. I talked about how much fun Garrett and I were having traveling, exploring, and how I was nowhere ready to have kids. The joke was on me because I ended up getting pregnant with Grafton only two years later.

It’s insane how many relationships fall apart when you get pregnant but it’s even crazier how many you make. I’ve practically doubled my friend group through my pregnancy with Eleanor. When I had Grafton I was the first of my college friends to get pregnant so I had nothing in common with anyone. I was sending photos of my newborn child from my couch and receiving photos of margaritas on beaches back. I was jealous but thankful to be where I was. It was only once I gave birth to Eleanor did my college friends finally catch up with me. Naturally, I started receiving more texts and phone calls asking me questions and exchanging baby information.

I want other newly pregnant moms to know it’s okay to lose a few friends. When it’s time they’ll come back to you.

I’ve been fortunate enough to not lose too many friends through this thing called life, but it’s okay to be happy where you’re at, embrace the change, and enjoy the chaos!